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Ex-Mafioso Claims Senator Biden Has Always Been Mob-Connected

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Michael Franzese, former capo of the Columbo crime family, who is now a Christian minister, hosts a very popular podcast and recently published a book entitled "Mafia Democracy: How Our Republic Became a Mob Racket."

Franzese grew up around mob life, as his father, Sonny Franzese, was the feared underboss of the Columbo crime family and spent nearly half of his long life behind bars.

Michael was a legendary racketeer and was reportedly making millions a week in the 1980s in a gas tax scheme, and now frequently rubs shoulders with Rudy Giuliani, the same man who prosecuted him five times.

Of late, Franzese has turned his attention to our elected officials and the unbridled corruption in which they engage.

In his latest podcast, he claims that President Trump had no real ties to the mafia, and related yet another example of just how corrupt Joe Biden has always been, explaining how his ties to the mob reportedly helped get him elected the first time he ran for the U.S. Senate...

At the 13:00 min. mark, Franzese explains Biden's "open door" policy with the mob...

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