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Eight-Time Deported Human Smuggler On 'Supervised Release' Injured Georgia Deputy

ALBANY, GA - On Feb. 20, 2020, Pedro Santos-Garcia, 42, was sentenced by by U.S. District Judge Louis Sands, in Albany Federal Court to 52 months in prison for illegal re-entry and for violating his supervised release on a prior federal felony conviction.

In a press release, Charles Peeler, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, stated:

"The indictment shows the defendant was found unlawfully in the United States in Cook County, Georgia, on or about April 29, 2019, after previously being deported and removed from the United States on or about April 19, 2017, April 7, 2011, February 20, 2009, June 5, 2008, September 12, 2006, June 12, 2006, June 12, 2003 and December 13, 2002.

Santos-Garcia was found to have violated his supervised release on April 29, 2019, when deputies with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Adel, Georgia arrested the defendant for driving and obstruction offenses.

At the time of the defendant’s arrest, he gave officers false identifying data, pushed the arresting officer’s hands away, fled across a multi-lane interstate highway, crossed multiple lanes of traffic, jumped the concrete median and crossed to the other side of the interstate. Deputies pursued the defendant across the highway, putting themselves at substantial risk of death or serious physical injury. When apprehended, the defendant also took a deputy’s taser. During the struggle, one deputy suffered a broken wrist.

Immigration officials investigated and determined the defendant, a citizen of Mexico, was in the United States illegally, had a final order of removal, and had numerous prior removals."

So, why was an eight-time deportee allowed to remain in the United States, on "supervised release," or not?

The United States is the most tolerant nation on Earth, often to the detriment of its citizens.

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