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CBS Affiliate Describes Admitted Child Molester With ICE Hold, as 'Myrtle Beach man'

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC - On May 29, police were called to the New China Buffet on Highway 17 North, after an employee was caught molesting a child in the restroom.

The child’s mother saw the employee, Raul Guzman, 23, enter the women's restroom after her 9-year-old daughter went inside. The mom immediately went in to check on her daughter and confronted the illegal alien.

Through an interpreter (a bilingual coworker), Guzman admitted to touching the girl, according to court documents.

She was washing her hands, when the suspect came in and began grabbing her and refused to let her leave the restroom, the victim told police.

Guzman was charged with third-degree assault and battery and kidnapping. He is currently being held at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center on an ICE detainer.

Despite the fact that the suspect is in the country illegally, the local CBS affiliate, WBTW, described Guzman in their headline as “a Myrtle Beach man.”

As it turns out, Guzman is actually a Mexican national, and just in case the good folks over at News 13 do not understand the difference between a domestic and a foreign criminal…”Myrtle Beach” men do not have ICE holds lodged against them.

You see, when the facts fail to fit the agenda of the mainstream press, they simply make it fit!

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