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'African Migrants' Receive Probation For Gang Raping 14-Year-Old Girl In Utah

WEST JORDAN, UT - On Wednesday, Third District Judge Douglas Hogan sentenced Richard Mbaye Djassera, 26, Dodjim Leclair, 29, and Nasouh Albasis-Albasis, 24, to 48 months of probation, after all three pleaded guilty in the 2017 rape of an unconscious 14-year-old girl and the videotaping of the ordeal.

Both Leclair and Albasis-Albasis pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, while Djassera pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor, all felonies.

The assailants met the girl through the messaging app known as Snapchat.

They arranged to pick up the girl at a sleepover, and subsequently gave her copious amounts of alcohol, until she began “passing out,” according to police.

The video shows the girl “making feeble attempts to push the person on top of her off…It appears she is passed out and/or unconscious throughout most of the video and clearly cannot give consent to anything that is happening to her,” stated charging documents.

Both Leclair and Albasis-Albasis took turns raping the helpless girl, while Djassera recorded the sexual assault.

An initial police report read:

He [Djassera] said he thought it was funny, so he recorded them having sex on his phone. reported:

While all three were ordered to be released from jail, Djassera and Leclair will be under the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to address their immigration statuses. A hearing was also set for the three men in June to address restitution and probation.

All three have been released from the Salt Lake County Jail, and according to a source within ICE, they are currently under “electronic monitoring,” at home.

That same source said that it was “very unlikely that given the current situation, that they would be deported.”

Both Leclair and Djassera are South African nationals.

*Judge Douglas Hogan who could have put each one of the convicted felons behind bars for at least 15 years, but, instead chose to release them on probation, has a history of going light on those convicted of child sexual assault.

In 2020, an online petition was started asking that Hogan be recalled after he sentenced an admitted pedophile, Douglas Saltsman, to only 210 days in jail, after he pleaded guilty to possessing 13,000 files of child pornography and bestiality (in which 279 child victims were identified).

At last count, the petition to remove Judge Hogan from the bench had garnered 190,133 signatures.

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