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Waste: Biden Is Sending Kids To Camp This Summer...From Libya!

Last week, the Biden administration announced that they are sending 20 students from Libya to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, near NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

The “life-changing opportunities for education and cultural exchanges" between foreign countries and the United States, said a U.S. State Department spokesman. 

The State Department is spending $135,000 to bring the Libyan teenagers to Huntsville this summer, of course, at taxpayer expense.

The money is actually being paid to Amideast, a Muslim charity. 

Biden is actually spending $6,760 per teen, though Space Camp is only $1,700 per student, but, perhaps Joe wants these foreign kids to travel first-class.

Can’t afford to send your children to camp this summer?...Well, now you know why.

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Feb 29

Hillary destabilized and overthrew Libyan government. Way to go democrats.

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