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President Trump: Please Pardon Two More LEOs Whom Bush Prosecuted For Mexico

In the last few days, President Donald Trump has pardoned Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean, Gary Brugman and Prince George's County (Md.) Police Officer Stephanie Mohr, all of whom were unjustly prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton.

George Bush was clearly sending a message to all of these brave members of law enforcement: “Get in the way of stopping illegal aliens, or the flow of illegal drugs into this country, and I'll ruin your life!”

One of those persecuted by Sutton and Bush said exactly that...

-Border Patrol Agent Noe Aleman and his wife adopted his wife’s nieces from Mexico in April 2004, after the girls’ father died. The couple paid $40,000 in legal fees to adopt the girls ages 12, 13, and 15. Despite the steep fees, the attorney they hired was apparently incompetent and made several errors on the adoption and immigration forms.

Agent Aleman himself pointed out these errors to immigration authorities and attempted to correct them. For his honesty, Agent Aleman was arrested and prosecuted by Sutton’s office for alien smuggling. He received a one year sentence and, like Agent Ignacio Ramos, was incarcerated at the federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Noe Aleman served with the Border Patrol for 12 years and is highly respected for his aggressive pursuits of illegal aliens and drug smugglers alike.

However, in an effort to defame Agent Aleman, the soul-less Johnny Sutton even suggested that the real purpose for the adoption was so that Aleman could molest the little girls, who during the grand jury hearing were referred to by Sutton’s assistant as “little whores!”

Aleman told Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily: “I’m just another victim in George Bush, Alberto Gonzalez, and Johnny Sutton’s war against Border Patrol agents.”

Agent Aleman was sent to a federal prison in South Dakota, where he spent six months.

As for the three girls, they were subsequently sent to an orphanage in Mexico, after being deported.

-Deputy Gilmer Hernandez made a routine traffic stop in April 2005, little did he know that this incident would lead to the loss of his freedom. It turned out that the driver was a human smuggler with several illegal aliens hiding in the vehicle.

After being approached, the driver hit the gas and tried to run over Dep. Hernandez. The deputy fired his weapon at the tires of the van at which time a bullet fragment hit a female who was hiding in the back of the vehicle, her injuries were limited to a scratch on the cheek. Another illegal alien received a similar injury.

The shooting was investigated by the Edwards County Sheriff’s Department, The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, as well as by the Texas Department of Public Safety. All of the agencies deemed the action taken by Deputy Hernandez as justifiable.

However, more than a year later, Sutton reopened the case and prosecuted Deputy Hernandez for violating the civil rights of the two injured illegal aliens. Hernandez was sentenced to one year in a federal prison.

It was later learned that on April 18, 2005, Mexican Consul Jorge Ernesto Espejel Montes sent a letter to Sutton’s office demanding that Deputy Gilmer Hernandez be prosecuted for injuring Maricela Rodriguez Garcia (the illegal alien whose cheek was scratched while hiding in the smuggler’s van). It was not until Sutton received this letter that his investigation of Dep. Hernandez began.

*President Trump, we thank you for your compassion and sense of justice in your recent pardons of those who dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. Now, we ask that you extend your generosity, as well as your strong sense of justice two these two aforementioned men, as well.

Thank you, and may God bless you and your family!


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