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Media Blackout: Another Illegal Alien Charged With Starting Multiple Wildfires

MENDOCINO, CA – On August 12, several fires broke out within a few miles of each other, near every fire, reports of a suspect, all fitting the same description also followed. All of the fires, nine in total, were set within a little more than an hour.

Investigators collected surveillance footage from various locations where some of the fires took place, and a clear description of the suspect was discovered.

The next morning, an officer with the Ukiah Police Department stopped Alberto Vincent Acosta, 32, near the intersection of Perkins Street and South Orchard Avenue. He was quickly turned over to Mendocino County deputies.

A Mendocino County Sheriff's Office press release stated the following:

Sheriff’s Office Detectives have linked Acosta to the 08-12-2020 fires that occurred at the following locations:
4:56 PM – South Dora Street near Fircrest Drive
4:58 PM – South Dora Street at Bourbon Lane
5:04 PM – Gobalet Lane at South State Street
5:15 PM – Plant Road near Taylor Drive
5:18 PM – End of Airport Park Boulevard
6:14 PM to 6:19 PM – Babcock Lane near Talmage Bridge (4 separate fires)

Acosta has been charged with arson during state of insurrection, arson of forest land and arson of inhabited structure. He is currently being held at the Mendocino County Jail on $1 million bail.

*Despite the MSM's continued insistence that the wildfires now consuming much of the states of California, Oregon and Washington have all been started by natural means (such as lightning), arson arrests of forest lands continue to pile up in all three states.


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