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Immigrant Charged With Scamming Companies Out Of $700K For PPE During Pandemic

PHILADELPHIA, PA – On January 20, Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig has charged Gauravjit Singh, 26, with wire fraud.

Beginning in May 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singh engaged in a scheme to defraud by making various misrepresentations, including by claiming that he was a purveyor of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and that he had contacts at a factory in Nanjung, China, that manufactured medical gowns.
Singh induced his victims to enter into an agreement with one of Singh’s businesses, Mask Medical LLC, pursuant to which Singh would be paid approximately $7.125 million in exchange for 1.5 million medical gowns, which ultimately were destined to the city of New York. His victims wired Singh, though his company GJS Solutions LLC, a deposit of approximately $712,500.
After receiving these funds, Singh made additional misrepresentations and excuses, ensuring the victims that they would receive the medical gowns. Instead of purchasing and delivering medical gowns, Singh used the funds for personal expenses, including transferring funds to his brokerage account and using the funds for online gaming and other personal expenditures.

Singh spent all of the money on himself, including $5,100 as a down payment on a vehicle, $1,300 on an airline ticket and $1,700 at a Thai restaurant.

Singh is the founder and CEO of DroneCast, a drone-based advertising company. However, calls to the company's listed phone number elicit nothing but an outgoing message which thanks the caller for contacting “Departures LLC.”

If convicted, Singh could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.


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