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Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Ex-Girlfriend In Front Of Her Children

CHESTER COUNTY, PA – On Monday, Virginia State Police arrested Danelo Cavalcante, 31, after he reportedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend, 33-year-old Deborah Brandao, to death outside her home in Schuylkill Township, a day earlier.

The victim placed a restraining order against the illegal alien in December 2020.

The woman was stabbed to death in front of her 7-year-old daughter and 3- year-old son, according to a police report.

In a press release, Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan stated:

The defendant grabbed the victim’s hair, yanking her to the ground, and appeared to have pulled two knives from a bag. He threatened to kill the victim, then got on top of the victim and stabbed her over a dozen times in the chest and upper torso.
During the struggle, the victim told her daughter to get help. The child ran to a neighbor’s house, where the neighbor called 911.The defendant fled the scene before police arrived.

She was transported to Paoli Hospital, where she was soon pronounced dead from her wounds.

Cavalcante has been charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, aggravated assault, and related charges. He is currently awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania.

*Despite being in the country illegally, it appears that the suspect was either never reported to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), or ICE never took any action against Cavalcante, as he was charged with assault, terroristic threats and harassment by Upper Providence police in June 2020.


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