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ICE Arrests Convicted Cop Killer Before New York Officials Could Release Him

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement press release...

NEW YORK CITY, NY - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) took custody of Carlos Celestino Payne-Archer, 64, May 21.

Payne-Archer, a Panamanian national, was convicted in the first-degree murder of Joseph Taylor, Jr., a New York City Police Department (NYPD) detective.

On March 30, 1978, a judge sentenced Payne-Archer, also known as Karl Dean, to 25 years to life in prison for the shooting death of Taylor in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1995, an immigration judge ordered Payne-Archer’s removal, after he was identified as a deportable alien inmate by the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service’s Institutional Removal Program. Payne-Archer, who initially entered the United States as a visitor in 1973, will remain in ICE custody pending his removal to Panama.

On Aug. 29, 1977, Taylor and his partner, Officer Roy DeSetto, were responding to a 911 emergency call about a man with a gun at an apartment in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, according to police reports.

Upon identifying themselves as police officers, Taylor and DeSetto were met with gunfire as they tried to enter the apartment. Taylor, who was struck in the chest by a shotgun blast, succumbed to his injury.

DeSetto, who continued to engage the five assailants inside the apartment with gunfire, fatally wounded one. Two other assailants tried to escape through a window while Payne-Archer, who also sustained a gunshot wound during the firefight, was later charged in Taylor's death.

*ICE agents now must place themselves around courthouses, county jails and prisons in New York, as both New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have made the state safe for criminal aliens, who are often released, despite ICE holds.

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