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Horror: Dead Baby Surgically Implanted With Drugs Found In Trash At Mexican Prison

PUEBLA, MEXICO - On January 11, a prisoner discovered the mutilated corpse of a dead infant inside a dumpster at the Center for Social Reinsertion in the San Miguel neighborhood.

Prison guards were alerted and retrieved the baby, whose body had an open surgical incision across his abdomen.

The baby was likely used as a drug mule.

Someone with medical training surgically implanted bundles of drugs into the baby’s abdominal cavity and sewed him back up, according to the Puebla State Attorney General's


Obviously, someone smuggled the infant into the prison, where he was cut open, the drugs were retrieved and the tiny boy was left to die.

Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta stated that as a result of the investigation, “a lot of crap will come out.”

El Universal reported:

"This investigation is handled with the necessary secrecy to be able to reach the truth, first to determine where the child was born, in what place the child was born, because he was not born inside the prison," the president stated.
He detailed other topics that are under investigation: "from the time he was born to the time his dead body appeared, a boy six days old, third, had surgery on his little body, in the appendix, how they introduce the baby's body to the prison, who allows it, who are the parents, "he explained.

The San Miguel prison, as is the case in most prisons in Mexico, is notorious for corruption and basically being controlled by the prisoners themselves. Past investigations have uncovered guards bringing prostitutes into the prison and inmates manufacturing drugs.

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