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African 'Refugee' Charged With Molesting 7-Year-Old Boy In Washington State

KENNEWICK, WA – On Saturday, police arrested Ibrahim Hire Salat, 32, after they responded to an apartment complex on South Olympia Street, where a woman reported that her 7-year-old son had just been molested.

Around 11 a.m., the boy had been outside playing, when he came running inside his apartment, crying and said that a man had touched and kissed him.

KEPR reported:

She said that after consoling him, he told her that he had licked his bottom, kissed him, and then offered to buy him a soda.

Officers quickly located the suspect, and the victim positively identified him.

Salat has been charged with child molestation, and is currently being held at the Benton County Jail on $75,000 bond.

*Ibrahim Hire Salat came to this country from Somalia.

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