Why Would Facebook Be Concerned About Protecting The Reputation Of Mexican Child Molesters?

Why Would Facebook Be Concerned About Protecting The Reputation Of Mexican Child Molesters?

by Dave Gibson
US Illegal Alien Crime Report

*Update: Facebook has permanently deleted the US Illegal Alien Crime Report page. You can currently find us on Facebook at Dave Gibson’s Illegal Alien Crime Report, for now…Zuckerberg’s ‘war on the truth’ continues!

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has suspended the US Illegal Alien Crime Report‘s (USIACR) account twice, and all the while, claiming that this reporter has “Violated Facebook’s Community Standards.”

The page has been up for more than three years, and never publishes blurbs, nor article titles which contain profanity, nudity, threatening language, nor any other type of obscenity (other than reporting on the obscene crimes which are being committed by illegal aliens across this nation).

This, while Facebook allows several ANTIFA pages which have called for violence against police officers and “Trump supporters,” as well as dozens of Black Lives Matter pages, which even sport posts about standing with the Palestinian terrorists.

Nevertheless, open-borders billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, has had his crack staff of H1-B Visa workers combing through the page’s posts, in search of “violations.” So far, these anti-free speech zealots have presented USIACR with about a dozen posts which they claim to be unacceptable. Again, they contained no profanity, just the word “Mexican.”

The last one, which landed me in ‘Facebook jail’ for three days, with the promise of “another seven days,” and an “even longer suspension” after that, if I failed to accept Zuckerberg’s re-education doctrine, read “Mexican men see this country as nothing more than a hunting ground for our children.” The article was about yet another illegal alien from Mexico who had raped a child.

As a result of researching the subject of crimes committed by foreign nationals for the last 15 years, it was discovered that the age of sexual consent throughout the majority of Mexico, including Mexico City, itself, is only 12, (as stated by Article 261 of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Code) and publishing more than 1,000 pieces on the subject, I do believe that illegal alien men from Mexico see our children as easy prey, particularly in light of the fact that this nation has not enforced its immigration laws in decades.

Considering the hyper-mysognistic culture that exists in Mexico, and the fact that women and children are regularly victimized by sexual predators, with basically no help from corrupt Mexican authorities, it is not much of a leap to believe that these men who cross our border illegally, retain that same barbaric mentality when they are arrive (or are welcomed) in our ‘sanctuary cities.’

Of course, facts have no place in the left-wing narrative that seems to be the order-of-the-day among those who run social media.

But, back to Zuckerberg’s campaign against USIACR…

As stated earlier, the Facebook page has been up for more than three years, coinciding with the website itself. But, on June 22, 2018, ‘angel mom,’ and a woman I consider a personal friend, Mary Ann Mendoza, gave a shout-out to myself and the website during a press conference with President Trump on illegal immigration.

Though the website had been enjoying healthy growth since it came online, the ensuing (and welcome) traffic to the site exploded.

Since then, ‘undocumented journalist’ Dana Milbank, of The Washington Post, has called me a “white supremacist,” and even managed to link me to the Holocaust (I guess he didn’t know that my father was raised Jewish, nor that my family was a member of the Jewish Community Center for decades, nor that I attended dozens of B’nai B’rith dances in high school, which usually culminated in a bottle of very cheap champagne and three hours of begging…but then again, he never asked).

All of this national attention brought thousands of new followers to the website, as well as to the Facebook page and more Americans have been educated on the ongoing, often tragic invasion of this country.

So, Facebook, as with seemingly all large tech companies, undoubtedly put their foreign born slave-labor force into action (Oh, sorry Indian H1-B workers who are paid a third of what their American counterparts make.), to harass and squash the truth about just what illegal aliens are doing to this country…destroying it. Oh, yes, and raping and murdering our children, killing our police officers, driving drunk on our roads, and pushing Mexican meth in our cities.

Apparently, Zuckerberg finds “Mexican” a pejorative term. That is, unless someone is posting articles about all of the mythical “doctors” and “microbiologists” who will undoubtedly “save our country” after crossing the border with 75-pound packs of drugs on their backs.

Since Zuckerberg worships at the altar of socialism and open-borders, I would ask that this ‘limousine-liberal’ open his 700-acre, walled Hawaiian estate which he shares with his lovely wife and children, to as many “immigrants” (as he likes to call illegal aliens) as he can fit on the property (Or doesn’t he think his family would be safe surrounded by all of those wonderful “immigrants?”).

A property, which this self-proclaimed ‘human rights activist’ initially tried to obtain through filing lawsuits against hundreds of native Hawaiians by forcing the sale of their land. But, hey you can do that sort of thing when you are worth $76 billion, and have the Obamas and the ‘deep state’ media on your side.

In conclusion, I would ask, that you either drop your one-sided ‘freedom of speech’ rule, or…Mr. Zuckerberg tear down that wall!

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