Two Dozen Criminal Aliens Caught In Georgia

Two Dozen Criminal Aliens Caught In Georgia

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – The Department of Homeland Security rounded up 26 undocumented immigrants throughout the metro-Savannah area, all of whom had prior criminal arrests or convictions, according to the Chatham County sheriff.

One was listed as wanted by INTERPOL.

Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher told WTOC Thursday night that his deputies were asked to escort Homeland Security officials around the city to predetermined locations to make these arrests.

There were no incidents of violence during the sweep.

The federal agents out of Atlanta were here for two days collecting their suspects. All 26 have been taken to the federal holding facility in Ocilla, GA.

Their deportation hearings will likely take place in the coming days.

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  1. Bus them to the Mexican border immediately. No hearings as they have no rights as they are not US citizens. Get ’em out right quick!

  2. Don’t take them to the border, take them to the jungles! Leave em at the border and they just come right back. Obama should be shot for what he has done to OUR Country.

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