Three-Time Deported Drug Dealer Caught Selling Meth In Ohio

Three-Time Deported Drug Dealer Caught Selling Meth In Ohio


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – Eleazar Flores-Lopez, 37, of Mexico was sentenced Monday to 11 years in prison for the possession of over eight pounds of meth in Montgomery County.

Eleazar Flores-Lopez and his brother, Joel Flores-Lopez, — who was previously sentenced to 11 years prison — were stopped for a traffic violation on Interstate 75 near Edwin C. Moses Boulevard in Dayton in October 2014.

A K-9 unit alerted officers to possible drugs in the vehicle. Over eight pounds of methamphetamine were recovered.

Investigators believe the defendants were smuggling the drugs from Mexico.

Eleazar Flores-Lopez was convicted of one count aggravated possession of drugs.

The defendants have been deported back to Mexico a number of times previously by the federal government,” said Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck in a release. “We cannot and will not tolerate anyone bringing massive amounts of drugs into our community. Drugs not only destroy lives but cause additional crime in our neighborhoods.”

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