This Young Man Would Be 35-Years-Old Today, But An Illegal Alien Took Him From Us

This Young Man Would Be 35-Years-Old Today, But An Illegal Alien Took Him From Us

On June 16, 2000, Dustin Inman, along with his parents, Billy and Kathy, were on their way to a Father’s Day weekend of camping and fishing, when their car was slammed into by a vehicle driven by Gonzalo Harrel-Gonzalez.

The Inman’s were sitting at a stoplight, when the crash occurred.

The television show “America’s Most Wanted w/John Walsh,” reported:

Billy Inman’s vehicle, a Pontiac Grand Am, was hit from behind. Billy Inman was stopped behind a Ford Bronco, which was stopped at a traffic light. Police say Gonzalo, who was driving an Oldsmobile, ran into Billy Inman’s car.

The speedometer of Harrell’s vehicle was stuck at 62 mph. The impact from the rear-end collision pushed Inman’s Pontiac into the rear of the Bronco, crushing it in an accordian-like fashion. Dustin Inman was sitting in the back seat along with his dog. Both he and his dog died at the scene. Police have stated that Gonzalo admitted to falling asleep in his car when he struck Inman’s vehicle.

Dustin was pronounced dead at the scene, while his parents both suffered serious injuries. In fact, Kathy spent the next five weeks in a coma, only to awaken to hear the news that her son was dead.

As a result of the spinal and brain injuries Kathy Inman, has been confined to a wheelchair since 2000, and requires at-home nursing care, as well as frequent hospitalizations.

Because both were still hospitalized at the time, the two were unable to attend their son’s funeral, and instead, had to watch the service for their only child on video.

As for the illegal alien who killed Dustin, he only suffered minor injuries in the wreck, and quickly left the North Georgia Medical Center and fled to his home country of Mexico.

Harrell-Gonzalez was charged in absentia with vehicular homicide, and remains a fugitive to this day.

On June 17, 2016, CBS 46 reported:

The FBI considers Harrell an international fugitive from the law. The Department of Justice, however, recently confirmed there are legal loopholes that keep Harrell from being brought back to the US to face charges.

The death of Dustin Inman spurred Atlanta-area businessman, D.A. King to create the “Dustin Inman Society,” and Mr. King continues to advocate not only for the Inman family, but for secure borders and the enforcement of this country’s immigration laws.

Today, Dustin would be 35-years-old and likely have a family of his own. Instead, his parents are left to grieve, not only for the loss of their son, but for the loss of his dreams and potential, which, like Dustin, were stolen from all of us thanks to a government that continues to fails its citizens.

You can learn more about Dustin and many other Americans killed by illegal aliens in “No Safe Places: Death at the Hands of Illegal Aliens.”

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