Report: Half Of Oregon’s Imprisoned Illegal Aliens Are Sex Offenders

Report: Half Of Oregon’s Imprisoned Illegal Aliens Are Sex Offenders

The Washington Examiner – In a report that has national implications, almost half of the illegal immigrants held in Oregon jails in May faced serious sex crimes including rape, abuse and sodomy.

Of 969 illegals held in jail for that one month, 461 have been charged with the three sex crimes.

A majority are being held in Portland and Salem area jails, according to the report from immigration expert David Olen Cross, whose report is based on statistics from Oregon’s Department Corrections and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers.

Most, over 83 percent, were from Mexico, according to Cross.

Nationally the number of criminal illegals held on sex crimes isn’t fully known, but Cross’ report suggests it is high. The Trump administration has put a focus on deporting criminal illegals.

Last week, the acting director of ICE said the administration is shifting its approach to also targeting those who come across the border illegally. He said it is wrong to let them go and wait for them to commit crimes.

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  1. Let them serve their sentences and then deport them with a “shoot on sight” order should they decide to try to re-cross the border.

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