Rape Trees: A Symbol Of The Humanitarian Crisis Caused By An Open Border

Rape Trees: A Symbol Of The Humanitarian Crisis Caused By An Open Border

As the drug cartels have taken over the human smuggling business, the illegal journey into the United States has become even more brutal.

When human smugglers bring those crossing illegally into the U.S., more often than not, there is a kind of ‘final payment’ demanded of their female ‘cargo.’ In short, the women are raped by the coyotes (smugglers) before they can make their way into this country.

After the woman is raped, the smuggler then forces his victim to hang her panties or bra from the branches of a nearby tree.

These sickening road signs along the illegal alien highway are meant to serve as a reminder to all of those who travel these dangerous routes of just exactly who controls the border…the cartels.

In March 2009, The Houston Chronicle reported:

Along the U.S.- Mexico border, on stretches of desert and farmland trafficked by undocumented immigrants, women’s underwear is draped from the branches of trees. On a single tree outside Tucson, Arizona, an orange pair, a blue pair, and a white pair hang like grotesque ornaments among the desert’s thorny brush. Border activists and women’s advocacy groups call them “rape trees.” Each pair of underwear, they say, represents a victim of sexual abuse.

Immigrant women are told by many Latin American agencies about the danger. In some Central American communities, they’re advised to take oral contraceptives to prepare for the possibility of rape, to dress like men during the journey. The women are told they could be abused by the coyotes (guides) who take them across the Rio Grande, or by the border bandits who wait along the river, ready to pounce.

The message that these women hear is that abuse will happen. Not that it might, but that it will,” says Montserrat Caballero, the program director of Su Voz Vale at the Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault. “For a lot of ladies, they’re resigned to this inevitability … and for some of them, sexual abuse isn’t just a one-time incident. It happens several times before they arrive in the U.S.”

In fact, for the last several years, counties along the border have seen an expanding number of these barbaric symbols dotting the once pristine landscape.

On March 1, 2006, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever told a Senate subcommittee: “Smuggling routes are often marked with ‘rape trees,’ women’s under garments hung on tree limbs where a rape occurred, warning everyone of the failure to cooperate with the coyotes who prey on them.”

On June 7, 2006, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) read the following report into the Congressional Record:

Ripped from the bodies of unwilling women, undergarments cling to branches of a tree just a few feet from the lawless U.S.- Mexico border, dozens of pairs of underwear thrown there by rapists.

These are called rape trees. Each pair is a trophy from a woman that was smuggled into the United States, victims that are heard screaming in the desert. They are raped, even gang raped by illegal human smugglers, then forced into silence.

These trees are a warning. Illegal immigrants evade our borders but crime doesn’t evade them. Some become criminals. Some become victims. They are raped, robbed and murdered by other illegals, human smugglers and brutal criminals who then claim other victims.

More than 70 percent of their rapes, murders and child sex crimes are against Americans. One expert who studies sex crimes says about a hundred illegal sex offenders cross the border every day, leaving thousands of victims every year.

Rape trees are a warning to illegals not to talk. They should be a warning to Americans as well, to shout out against illegal entry and human smuggling…And that’s just the way it is.

Not surprisingly, media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post have completely ignored this ongoing, actual ‘War on Women,’ and choose instead, to place all of their time and resources into their hatred for President Trump and those Americans who support his policies.

This writer can also guarantee you, the reader, that neither Nancy Pelosi, nor Chuck Schumer will ever speak publicly about this massive atrocity, they have helped create.

You see, lawlessness only breeds more lawless behavior, and the overwhelming tolerance shown to illegal aliens and the Mexican drug cartels by Democrat lawmakers, in-turn, only serves to brutalize the very people whom the left claim to care for, and protect.

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