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Video: Biden Administration Vows Free College Tuition For Illegal Aliens

At a time when Americans are struggling to pay for the necessities, such as food, shelter, utility bills and of course, keeping gas in their vehicles to get back and forth to work, not to mention sky-rocketing education costs, President Biden is apparently planning to make inflation even worse, while rewarding those here illegally.

Last week, during a House Education and Labor Committee hearing, the Biden administration's U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona expressed the administration's absolute commitment to providing free college tuition to illegal aliens.

During questioning, Sec. Cardona showed his passion for so-called 'Dreamers (i.e. illegal aliens),' by stating "these are students who are making a big difference in their communities."

Yet again, this administration demonstrates that they have nothing but disdain for American citizens, while promoting policies that reward those who enter this nation illegally.

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