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Illegal Alien Known As 'Psycho' Wanted For Three Homicides

DENVER, CO – Last week, the skeletal remains of three people were discovered on two rural properties located in Cornejos County. Homicide has been identified as the cause of death in all three cases.

A multi-agency task force is working to identify the remains at this time, but they have announced a suspect.

The Associated Press reported:

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and local police agencies identified the suspect as convicted felon Adre Jordan Baroz, and said a homicide warrant has been issued for his arrest and that he goes by the nickname 'Psycho.'

Alamosa Police Chief Ken Anderson told reporters that authorities consider Baroz armed and dangerous and that any sightings should be reported to police.

There are several unsolved missing persons cases in the general area of the grisly discovery.

Authorities are still searching one of the properties for more remains at this time.

Baroz, who is at-large at this time, has a long criminal history in the 'sanctuary state' of Colorado, including convictions for assault on a police officer, theft and attempted escape.

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