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Biden Administration Changed Status Of Naturalized Citizen 'Angel Mom' To 'Undocumented!'

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In June, ‘Angel Mom,’ Sabine Durden had foot surgery and about a month later, while still recuperating, she received some rather shocking news…

The doctor’s office sent her a bill for the full amount of the surgery ($17,000), but she assumed that it was simply a billing error since she, like many Americans, has been enrolled in Medicare for years.

However, she was informed that Medicare had refused the bill.

Sabine contacted Medicare, and described what happened next…

“on the day of service, Mrs. Coulter was not an American citizen but an undocumented person” ….. Say what?…that can’t be real or true, right?
The next call was to a Social Security office. After an almost two-hour wait and lots of elevator music, a nice agent double checked the records and informed me that I was actually listed as a green card holder. He couldn’t answer the question as to what and why this could have happened. He excluded identity theft and told me I need to take my passport and driver's license to the local Social Security office and fill out a form.
I did just that and now was told that I needed my naturalization certificate and not just a passport and ID.

The bureaucratic saga continued, and hopefully all is well again (She will find out after her next doctor’s visit!).

Sabine immigrated to this country decades ago from Germany and has been a citizen since 1996.

So, why was she suddenly, officially listed as “undocumented” by the feds?

Of course, Sabine is Dominic Durden’s mom, and does many interviews on radio and television, and is a much sought-after speaker at both local and national events.

Since tragically losing her son, she has devoted herself to telling his story and how he needlessly died at the hands of an illegal alien.

If the Biden administration was willing to raid President Donald Trump’s personal residence (rifling through Melania’s closet), is it really so hard to imagine that this same questionable regime could attempt to turn Sabine Durden’s life upside down with a click one a keyboard?

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