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'Confused' Illegal Alien Admits To Impregnating 12-Year-Old Girl In Oklahoma

TULSA, OK – On July 14, police arrested Juan Lorenzo Miranda-Jara, 24, after he walked into Hillcrest Hospital with a 12-year-old girl, who was in labor. Hospital staff immediately notified police after admitting the girl, who gave birth to a healthy baby.

He met the girl last year, and he began having sex with her in October, according to police.

The Latin Times reported:

Looking forward to becoming a proud father, Miranda-Jara did not understand why he was being arrested at the hospital during a memorable and momentous time meant to be celebrated.
...the proud father appeared confused when police officers arrived at the hospital to arrest him. He proudly informed the officers that he was the father of the baby his pregnant child-girlfriend was about to give birth to.

They walked in just like any other couple would, excited to deliver their newborn child,” said Officer Danny Bean.

The two even posted photos of the girl's baby shower on Facebook (picture below).

Miranda-Jara has been charged with first-degree rape of a minor, and is currently being held at the Tulsa County Jail.

The suspect's next court appearance is set for August 26.

*While the aforementioned case may be shocking to most Americans, the reason Miranda-Jara thought that there was nothing wrong with impregnating a 12-year-old girl, may be due to the fact that the age of sexual consent throughout most of Mexico is only 12.

Obviously, the girl's family and friends also saw nothing wrong, as she carried the baby for nine months and no one reported it to police.

This case demonstrates how the lack of immigration enforcement has now led to entire communities within this country exercising their own cultural behaviors, without any regard to this nation's laws.

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