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'Angel Mom' Killed By Illegal Alien

AUSTELL, GA - This morning, 58-year-old Kathy Inman died in hospice care at Tranquility of Cobb Hospital. Her family recently placed her there, after a three-month stay in a local nursing home.

Kathy spent the last 21 years profoundly disabled and confined to a wheelchair, as a result of the devastating injuries she received in the car crash that took the life of her son, Dustin, in 2000.

On June 16, 2000, Dustin, along with his parents, Billy and Kathy, were on their way to a Father's Day weekend of camping and fishing, when their car was slammed into by a vehicle driven by Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez.

The Inmans were sitting at a stoplight, when the crash occurred.

The television show “America’s Most Wanted w/John Walsh,” reported:

Billy Inman’s vehicle, a Pontiac Grand Am, was hit from behind. Billy Inman was stopped behind a Ford Bronco, which was stopped at a traffic light. Police say Gonzalo, who was driving an Oldsmobile, ran into Billy Inman’s car. The speedometer of Harrell’s vehicle was stuck at 62 mph. The impact from the rear-end collision pushed Inman’s Pontiac into the rear of the Bronco, crushing it in an accordian-like fashion. Dustin Inman was sitting in the back seat along with his dog. Both he and his dog died at the scene. Police have stated that Gonzalo admitted to falling asleep in his car when he struck Inman’s vehicle.

Dustin was pronounced dead at the scene, while his parents both suffered serious injuries.

In fact, Kathy spent the next five weeks in a coma, only to awaken to hear the news that her son was dead.

Because both were still hospitalized when Dustin was buried, the two had to watch the funeral service for their only child on video.

As a result of her brain and spinal injuries, over the next two decades, Kathy would require at-home nursing care, as well as frequent hospitalizations. She would suffer from debilitating seizures for the rest of her life.

As for the illegal alien who killed Dustin, and now Kathy, he only suffered minor injuries in the wreck, and quickly left the North Georgia Medical Center, fleeing back to his home country of Mexico.

Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez was charged in absentia with vehicular homicide, and remains a fugitive to this day.

Three years ago, Billy Inman described what life had been like since the tragic day that tore his family apart...

I was going back and forth to see Kathy everyday, and I finally had to tell her about Dustin. But, it really didn't sink in until September 13th, the day I took Kathy to the cemetery for the first time. We had to watch the funeral on a VHS tape a family member made for us.
Of course, life has changed drastically. It's really not much fun anymore, just doctors appointments and physical therapy, trying to live daily. Kathy has got so much going on from her brain injury, I still take her to the doctors once or twice a week. She is slowing down more and more, and her pain level is steadily increasing. I don't know what to do really, I wish I could do something to help her, but the doctors keep saying there isn't much they can do about the scar tissue on her brain. And, nobody can do anything about our shattered dreams.

Billy passed away from a massive heart attack in 2019, at the age of 55.

So, after many years of tremendous physical and emotional pain, we can add our friend Kathy Inman to the ever-growing list of Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.

Farewell Kathy...Give Billy and Dustin a hug from all of us!

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