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African 'Migrant' Charged With Kidnapping, Raping Woman In South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, SD - On March 16, police arrested Imani Sango, 23, after a witness reported seeing a man shove an unidentified woman into a car on North Cleveland Street. Police were able to trace the license plate back to an apartment on that same street.

When police arrived, they found Sango and a 37-year-old woman in the hallway.

The woman had been strangled and repeatedly raped, according to a police report.

"They found out over at least the last day or so, the boyfriend had strangled and raped his girlfriend. He also kept her inside the apartment. He basically barricaded the door and kept her inside there, so she wasn't able to leave or call for help," stated Sioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clemens.

Sango is currently being held at the Minnehaha County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Sango has been charged with rape, domestic aggravated assault and kidnapping.

*The suspect and his family came to this country from the Congo.

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