Police Officer Killed While Chasing Illegal Alien In Stolen Vehicle

Police Officer Killed While Chasing Illegal Alien In Stolen Vehicle

SACRAMENTO, CA (CBS13) — The California Highway Patrol says it has arrested the suspect who an officer was pursuing before a fatal crash on Wednesday.

Alberto Quiroz, 26 of Sacramento, was arrested on Thursday just before noon.

Quiroz was booked on felony evasion, felony vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle and felony resisting arrest. None of the charges related directly to the death of officer Lucas Chellew.

However, Quiroz may be facing more serious charges in the days to come, as reported by KCRA:

“The charges that he was arrested on are just that. They are charges that he was arrested on, not necessarily the final charges he’s looking at,” criminal defense attorney Steve Plesser said.

Plesser explained that Quiroz could face more charges all the way up to trial.

Plesser believed the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office could be considering felony murder as one of the additional charges.

“The law says that if you commit a crime that’s so inherently dangerous, like arson or robbery, and anyone dies in the course of that, that you’re responsible because that inherently dangerous felony has foreseeable bad results like death,” he said.

Three things are likely to determine the course of action taken by both prosecutors and Quiroz’s defense team, Plesser said.

*California Highway Patrolman Lucas Chellew was transported to UC Davis Medical Center, where he died on Wednesday night.

Officer Chellew served with the U.S. Army, and was an eight-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. He left behind a wife, a daughter and a son, according to ODMP.

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