New York’s Mayor DeBlasio Ignores ICE Holds And Releases Sex Offenders, Drug Dealers

New York’s Mayor DeBlasio Ignores ICE Holds And Releases Sex Offenders, Drug Dealers

Because of New York’s far-left Mayor, Bill DeBlasio’s refusal to honor requests from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to detain illegal aliens in New York’s Rikers Island, many dangerous foreign-born felons are being released back onto the city’s streets, to undoubtedly commit more crimes.

DeBlasio is in violation of federal law and is putting the residents of his own city, whom he is sworn to protect, at great risk.

What follows are a few recent arrests made directly by ICE after NYC officials refused to do their jobs…

Breitbart recently reported:

Gurnam Singh, a 21-year-old illegal alien from India, who is accused of assault, forcible touching, harassment and sexual abuse. Singh was first arrested by New York law enforcement in December 2016. After being released, Singh was re-arrested days later, but released on bond shortly after. In June, Singh was arrested for a third time by New York law enforcement on assault and harassment charges but was quickly released again. ICE officials say that because New York City shut down the ICE Criminal Alien Program office on Rikers Island, criminal illegal aliens are no longer interviewed by deportation officers before they are released. In September, Singh was arrested for the fourth time, prompting ICE to file an immigration hold on him, but the request was ignored by local law enforcement and Singh was released once again. A month later, ICE agents located and arrested Singh.

Marco Freiire, a 42-year-old illegal alien from Ecuador, was arrested by ICE after being released in July, despite a pending immigration hold. Freiire was arrested on assault, criminal possession of a weapon, harassment, and menacing charges at the time. Months later, ICE located and arrested the criminal illegal alien at his residence in Brooklyn.

Steven Anthony Beswick, a 42-year-old illegal alien from Jamaica, was arrested by ICE after their immigration hold was ignored by Westchester County law enforcement officials. At the time of his arrest, Beswick was released from police custody. He was also previously arrested in New York City on drug charges.

Jonathan Aparicio, a 20-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested by ICE after being released from Westchester County law enforcement, despite a request to hold the criminal illegal alien. In September, Aparicio pleaded guilty to charges in Yonkers City Court but was released against the request of ICE officials. A month later, ICE arrested Aparicio.

Omar Castro, a 31-year-old previously deported illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested by ICE after being released by New York City officials. In July, the criminal illegal alien – who served a year in prison for drug charges and was deported from the U.S. in 2010 – was arrested in Brooklyn. At that time, ICE requested that Castro be held until federal immigration officers could take over custody. That request was ignored, however, and Castro was released. Now, the criminal illegal alien is facing deportation and felony charges for re-entering the U.S.

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  2. His birth name is Warren Wilhelm — not Bill DeBlasio. He has changed his name twice. You have to ask yourself, why would he do that? What’s he hiding?

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