Muslim Immigrant Gets Probation For Murdering Her Newborn Infant

Muslim Immigrant Gets Probation For Murdering Her Newborn Infant

CHICAGO, IL (CWB Chicago) – A woman accused of throwing her newborn baby from an 8th-floor apartment window in Uptown has been sentenced to four years probation.

Mubashra Uddin had been charged with four counts of murder for allegedly killing the baby girl moments after giving birth in her family’s apartment.

But prosecutors last week agreed to drop three of those charges and then reduced the fourth murder count to involuntary manslaughter of a family member. Judge Carol M. Howard handed down a sentence of probation.

Uddin was 19 when she gave birth around 11:20 p.m. on November 11, 2015, in a bedroom of an apartment she shared with her parents and sister. Police said they recovered scissors that Uddin used to cut the umbilical cord after giving birth in the same bed where her 11-year-old sister was sleeping.

Fearing that her strict parents were about to discover the pregnancy that she had kept secret from them, Uddin dropped the newborn headfirst out of her 8th-floor bedroom window in the 800 block of West Eastwood.

The girl was discovered about 30 minutes later lying in some grass by a passer-by. One hour later, she succumbed to her injuries, which included skull fractures, a broken spine, multiple broken bones, and internal injuries, prosecutors said.

Friends rallied around Uddin from the moment of her arrest, blaming her actions on the young woman’s upbringing in a strict Muslim family.

At Uddin’s bail hearing, her boyfriend’s mother told DNAInfo “No one is mad or upset [at Uddin] because we all know the household that she’s coming from.”

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