Mexican Serial Child-Rapist Caught Once Again In California

Mexican Serial Child-Rapist Caught Once Again In California

by Dave Gibson

YUBA CITY, CA – On February 21, Sutter County sheriff’s deputies arrested Juan Manuel Robles, 49, following a brief pursuit.

Robles has been charged with rape, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, sexual penetration on a child under 14, unlawful sexual contact with a child, sexual battery, causing willful harm/injury, sodomy and evading police/disregard to public safety.

The Mexican national reportedly has a long history of sex crimes against children, and the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office believes there are more victims. Their investigation continues.

Robles has also been charged with illegal entry, and is currently being held on an ICE detainer in the Sutter County Jail.

View this suspect’s booking info…

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  2. Extradite his sorry butt to east Tn. A lot of folks have been lost in some of these mtns. and never to be heard from, again. Hint, hint California.

  3. ICE had better camp out at the back door of this jail. If they don’t, they’ll lose him again because the Mayor will probably give him a ride home…

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