Mexican National Kidnaps 14-Year-Old Girl In Texas

Mexican National Kidnaps 14-Year-Old Girl In Texas

BROWNSVILLE, TX (KFXV) — A 14 year old girl is kidnapped from a Brownsville school, and a thirty year old woman is now facing charges.

Claudia Guerra was detained at the Veterans International Bridge. Police said she picked up a 14-year-old girl from school and took her to Mexico on Tuesday.

14 year old, Ericka Govea returned to the United States by walking across Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville yesterday.

Guerra drove across Veterans International Bridge a short time later and turned herself into authorities.

She was given a $200,000 bond. The case remains under investigation.

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  1. Isn’t it great that almost all Americans and Canadians are to f.cken stupid to realize the governments they voted for support this kind of crime,,, let’s not forget this girl and 100,000’s of others like her are being gang raped right now… Because of your support

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