Mexican Drug Cartel Sends Trump A Message Alleging Corruption

Mexican Drug Cartel Sends Trump A Message Alleging Corruption

Last week, the Mexican drug trafficking organization known as The Gulf Cartel began hanging ‘narcomantas,’ throughout the state of Tamaulipas, which borders along the state of Texas. The so-called ‘narcomantas’ are signs which cartels typically display from bridges with warnings scrawled upon them with warnings to police, citizens, journalists or rival cartels.

These from from the Gulf Cartel are unique, in that, instead of a warning, they allege corruption from a Mexican elected official and U.S. citizen, allegedly profiting from human smuggling.

The sign’s English translation follows:

President Trump, your law is against the illegal migrants. But your citizen governor Cabeza de Vaca has a group of state police officers charging us for each Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Chinese, and Arab from all over the world for passing through our plazas in Tamaulipas. Mainly in our Ribereña. Everyone has different prices depending on what country they originated from. As do our assassins have a fee to pay if they get caught. We the cartels are not your enemies. We pay to live. Operative group Cartel del Golfo.

Comandante Primito

Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca is the current governor of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, and dual Mexican-U.S. citizenship, as he was born in McAllen, Texas, where he attended high school, and eventually graduated from from Houston Baptist University. Cabeza de Vaca has held several offices throughout his political career in Mexico, including a Senate seat.

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