Man Charged With Killing Texas Police Officer, Identified As Illegal Alien

Man Charged With Killing Texas Police Officer, Identified As Illegal Alien

FOX News 10

EULESS, TX – The man who fatally shot a Euless police officer has an extensive criminal history and was high on methamphetamine on Tuesday, according to his family.

Jorge Brian Gonzalez, 22, had been to jail multiple times since 2011, including assault and terrorist threats. Gonzalez’s family told FOX4 on Wednesday that he was high on “ice” and was in the Euless jail as recently as Monday.

Jennifer Gonzalez, 17, was Brian’s sister and she said previously police had held Brian in jail for longer period of times when he was high on drugs. She and her father told FOX4 they wished he had been held longer.

Brian Gonzalez was released from jail about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday and a short time later burglarized a home across from the park. During the burglary he found multiple weapons and took them across the street to the park where he began randomly firing. That triggered a 911 call.

Police said Brian Gonzalez then went and hid in a drainage ditch that was below ground. When officers arrived, Hofer saw movement in the ditch and called out. At that point, Brian opened fire, killing Hofer. Brian Gonzalez was also killed when police return fire.

Jennifer Gonzalez said that Hofer had visited the home where she, her brother and her father had lived when Brian was having problems. She said the family thought Hofer was a nice man and they were stunned and heartbroken when they heard he was the officer Brian had killed.

“My dad said that officer was the best. He was a really good person,” Jennifer said. “He just admired him as a cop.”

Part of Brian Gonzalez’s rap sheet includes: a July 2011 theft charge, an Aug. 2011 aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge that was reduced to a misdemeanor assault charge on a guilty plea; two terrorist threat charges in Summer 2015.

The Star-Telegram reported:

Gonzalez came here illegally from Argentina as a child, and sometime around 2001, he was granted a U-Visa, a temporary status for crime victims that allows them to stay in the United States, after he was molested by another illegal alien, Guillermo Raul Valle, a family friend.

However, he should have been deported after he began his life of crime, here in the United States…Now an officer is dead.

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  1. Sooooo, what’s new?
    When will the families of All the Victims of obozo’s stupidity Sue his ass for “Wrongful Death” because he most certainly is an Accomplice, before and after the fact!

  2. Put a rope around his neck and drop him 20 feet. I’m sick of seeing this. I’m volunteering to shoot him if you need a helping hand. Do not send him to prison just wasting taxpayers money.

  3. This is one of the reasons for the death penalty! If your illegal and you commit crimes like he has…don’t deport him so he can just change his name and come back…put him to death…he ain’t coming back from that. And don’t wait 30 years to do it either! Tax payers don’t want to have to feed and clothe scum like this…we shouldn’t have too!

  4. Once again Mr. Obama’s inability to protect the people of this Nation buy not having a wall in place, not one American is safe from these types of crap, that stream into our country on a daily basis! Who really even knows what intent these types of people have in mind!. And now as a direct result of Obama’s complete and total failure as President, sadly, another American has lost their life!. Because of the lax,and even non-existent policy this administration has in regards towards illegal immigration another family is now mourning the loss of a loved one!. Somewhere in America right now,there are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters,mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and friends so enveloped in grieving their tremendous loss, that it weighs heavily on my heart to imagine the sorrow that they must be felling!. I can only pray that God will help them through this process!. Unfortunately, it takes something as terrible as this to demonstrate the need for a wall to be built. Without a wall, all of America will suffer!. Jobs will continue to be lost to illegals, who will do it cheaper and never pay any taxes!. The American tax payers will continue to suffer by having to pick up the tab for illegal immigrants housing, clothing, food and medical care that they will never be held accountable for! Numerous hospitals have had to close along the southern non border because they went bankrupt trying to help those who had no money to pay for anything! Not building a wall puts all Americans in harms way!. It now is an open floodgate for everything that may pose a threat to us all! from disease to terrorism to drugged -up murderers!. Robbers, rapists, gangs of thugs and even worse! NO I’am not saying that these people are all from mexico,some are but most are not!!. Most Mexican people are hard working folks in search of a better life, and they should have first shot at becoming legal!!. I’m all for legal immigration, but at this point in time, illegal immigration has become akin to flirting with disaster!. In reality we don’t have a country without a specifically defined and enforced border!. We need to know who enters our country and why they are here. A wall would enable us to do just that!. Keep things in check!. Being that our country is rapidly approaching nineteen trillion dollars in debt, a wall makes sense, as it is far more cheaper to deport versus incarceration !. And now Mr. Obama has invited an extremely dangerous bunch to America!. Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton would change any of this needs to do a bit more homework on this woman! Her agenda is a carbon copy of The Obama administration!.

  5. I’m not saying we didn’t illegals before Obama became President, nor that there wasn’t some troubles between blacks & whites, but I do not remember this much trouble where there were rallies & protests where signs & banners were carried that said “Black lives Matter”. Also. We had some Saudi & Muslims here before Obama, but now it’s like everywhere you turn there another family here & one there. It’s like Obama came & he just sent out an open invitation to all Muslims….”Come to America…there is land, houses, food, and clothing. Come on…America will take care of you.” Am I fthe only one that sees it like this or does someone’s else see my point. If so share with your friends & family.

  6. Enough is enough…as Americans we innately have and give people a wide girth to prove themselves. As these repeated illiegals are proven smackinoffs why would Obama keep them to continue to victimize our population? The obvious answer is for votes; however, what is obvious and what you can prove are separate animals.
    Anyway…Thank you Lord for President Trump.
    Keep him safe…and Bless The President and his family.

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