Liberian War Criminal Known As ‘Jungle Jabbah’ Was Allowed To Immigrate To The U.S.

Liberian War Criminal Known As ‘Jungle Jabbah’ Was Allowed To Immigrate To The U.S.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – In Liberia’s first civil war he was known as “Jungle Jabbah,” a rebel commander who witnesses said sliced a baby out of a pregnant woman’s stomach, killed civilians and ordered his soldiers to rape young girls, according to prosecutors.

But for nearly the last two decades, Mohammed Jabbateh has lived a quiet life in America after being granted asylum – a protection that will soon come into question after a jury was selected Monday for his trial on charges that he lied about his past on U.S. immigration documents.

Prosecutors have several witnesses who in court documents recalled their interactions with Jabbateh, 51, when he was alleged to be a high-ranking member of the United Liberation Movement for Democracy and a splinter faction called ULIMO-K, both Liberian rebel groups in the 1990s.

In one 1994 account, a man identified in court documents as “Witness AA” said that he saw Jabbateh order his soldiers to kill a town chief whose heart was then removed, boiled and eaten. Another witness described how rebels put gasoline-doused tires around two prisoners of war and set them ablaze after Jabbateh instructed his men to execute them.

Yet when an immigration official interviewed him about his asylum application in 1999, Jabbateh responded “no” when asked if he had ever committed a crime or if he had ever harmed anyone, according to prosecutors. And when he applied for permanent residence in 2002, he also wrote that he never engaged in genocide or killings rooted in race, religion or political opinion.

However, he did acknowledge that he was assigned to a security detail for a rebel leader and that some newspaper articles called him “Jungle Jabbah,” the government said.

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