Jury: Egyptian ‘Migrant’ Uber Driver Raped Passenger In Pennsylvania

Jury: Egyptian ‘Migrant’ Uber Driver Raped Passenger In Pennsylvania

CHESTER, PA (AP) – An Uber driver has been found guilty of raping an intoxicated woman he picked up at a casino in Montgomery County. The jury deliberated for nearly three hours on Thursday before finding Ahmed Elgaafary guilty of rape of an unconscious person, sexual assault and indecent assault.

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan says 27-year-old Elgaafary will be sentenced at a later date and then likely deported to Egypt, where he is a citizen.

Elgaafary picked the woman up at Valley Forge Casino Resort in February. Prosecutors say he stretched the 15-minute ride into a 53-minute one to assault the woman.

His lawyer, Melissa Berlot McCafferty, argued the sex was consensual. She says the woman seduced Elgaafary and he initially lied rather than admitting he’d cheated on his pregnant wife.

The Daily Local also reported:

As illustration, he showed the jury a photo that Elgaafary had taken of the woman that night, lying prone with her eyes closed and traces of vomit on her face, a photo he used to try to get a cleaning fee from Uber after her ride had ended. When the photograph flashed on the video screen in the courtroom, the woman, who had been sitting in the front row of seats, got up and left the courtroom in distress. She returned a few moments later after calming down.

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