Importing Diseases – The Toxic Threat of Infected Migrants

Importing Diseases – The Toxic Threat of Infected Migrants

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3 thoughts on “Importing Diseases – The Toxic Threat of Infected Migrants”

  1. My mom always told me we never had all these diseases until they started allowing in these illegal aliens without any vacination’s of any kind

  2. Islam does not treat diseases yet they spread them. Having sex with animals is allowed in Islam which can spread many animal diseases to humans including rabies.

    Many diseases that have not been seen in our nation are coming into our nation via these migrants and yes illegals from Mexico and Central & South America. Immigration for all is not a good thing for our nation especially from Middle Eastern nations that have sworn to destroy our Nation from within, as a security note think of this: we are taught not to let strangers into our homes, should that also apply to those we let into our nation as well?

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