Illegal Aliens With Ties To Mexican Drug Cartel Decapitated Man In Texas

Illegal Aliens With Ties To Mexican Drug Cartel Decapitated Man In Texas

CAMERON COUNTY, TX (CBS News 4) – The remaining defendants in the murder case of Jose Francisco Palacios-Paz learned their fate Friday morning.

Fernando Luna was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His sentence will be probated due to his testimony against the rest of the defendants. Fernando previously pleaded guilty to a possession of a controlled substance charge.

Additionally, Aaron Rodriguez Medellin and Nestor Manuel Leal pleaded guilty to murder and are both sentenced to 15 years in prison. Their sentences include credit for jail time already served.

According to the state, Medellin and Leal knew of the intentions to kill Palacios-Paz.

On Tuesday, a Cameron County jury found Fernando’s brother Joel Luna not guilty on capital murder and murder charges, but convicted him on two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity. Joel agreed to a sentence of 20 years in prison. He will be sentenced in March.

The jury also convicted Eduardo Luna on all four counts of capital murder, murder and two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity. He was given a mandatory life sentence without parole.

Fernando Luna, Medellin, Leal face deportation as authorities discovered that they resided in the country illegally prior to their arrest.

*The defendants worked for the Gulf Cartel. The victim’s head was never recovered.

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  1. Isn’t enforced diversity, even when it’s contrary to law, a wonderful thing ? Surely America is enriched by the presence of such fine examples of a modal cultural mindset. What’s a murder and decapitation here and there? Nothing to be concerned about, Right?

  2. I thought Texas hadn’t yet abolished the death penalty; so, why was Eduardo Luna not sentenced to death for capital murder and murder, along with organized criminal activity? Why should Texas taxpayers have to pay to have this piece of trash enjoy 3 hots and a cot for the rest of his life?
    Truth is, life w/o parole’s not the maximum penalty for capital murder, death is.

  3. Open borders and free trade with Mexico are destroying America. Even the Mexicans don’t want to live in Mexico, but our corrupted and ignorant leaders think it will enrich America. California GovewrnonJerry Brown, the notorious homosexual, loves them all, because they are not white and speak Spanish.

  4. Phorm, Nice to see AmeriKA catch on. I started that a couple of years ago and you are the first person I have seen using it. Your welcome and thank you. It gets the point across.

    As for ALL of these POS scumbags: Behead them ALL on national TV (if I was Presidente’).

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