Illegal Aliens Gang-Raped Mentally Disabled 14-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Aliens Gang-Raped Mentally Disabled 14-Year-Old Girl

CLARK COUNTY, NV (The Las Vegas Review-Journal) – A 15-year-old boy charged in the gang rape of a 14-year-old special education student will be prosecuted in the adult justice system, a Clark County Family Court judge ruled Wednesday.

The teen, Leby Urquilla, is one of four boys charged, and the only juvenile to be certified as an adult as of Wednesday. Two adults are also jailed in connection with the case: Jose Mejia-Henriquez, 18, and the boy’s father, Leby Alas-Gomez, 39.

The victim, who has the mental capacity of a 7- or 8-year-old, told police she was sexually assaulted by at least six males on three separate occasions in November. The accusations came to light after a video depicting the girl being used in group sex acts began circulating around Del Sol Academy in December.

“They treated this special needs girl like a piece of cattle or property, to do with what they wanted,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Kimberly Adams said Wednesday in a small juvenile courtroom.

She called the acts “heinous and egregious” while arguing for Urquilla to be tried as an adult.

Urquilla sat silently as a court interpreter translated Adams’ words into Spanish, often looking down at his lap, then at the judge.

A key piece of evidence — one of the videos shared throughout the high school — captured part of one gang rape incident, Adams said.

In the footage, the girl can be seen trying to get up while being sexually assaulted, but “they would push her back down,” Adams said.

“She repeatedly said to stop, but they don’t,” she said. “She tries to cross her legs while on her stomach, but (Urquilla) separates them.”

The victim was not at the hearing Wednesday, but her mother wiped away a tear as Adams continued, describing Urquilla as a calculated predator and the girl as “one of the most vulnerable victims of our society.”

“It appears she was used and groomed by (Urquilla),” Adams said. The girl initially liked Urquilla and wanted to fit in; she often ate lunch with the boys at school. But the relationship was about control, Adams argued.

“If he said he was hungry, she would give him her lunch,” she said. “Eventually (Urquilla) began to invite (the victim) to his apartment, and initially, she would say no. And then, after several times, she finally said OK.”

Public defender Timothy O’Brien said the boy, originally from El Salvador, had been in the United States only for about a year. He said the boy’s father created a home life with an “unrelenting” sexual atmosphere, in which prostitutes were coming in and out of the home and pornography was played “like music in an elevator.”

Yet despite this exposure to sex at such a young age, O’Brien defended Urquilla by saying the boy performed “in a sexually naive way” in the video.

Adams retorted: “Part of the problem there may have been that he didn’t have a willing participant.”

Urquilla is due in court May 4.

Leby Urquilla’s father, Leby Alas-Gomez, was arrested March 5. The 14-year-old victim told police Alas-Gomez, 39, sexually assaulted her and encouraged several teen boys, including at least one of his sons, to do the same.

A second adult, Jose Mejia-Henriquez, was arrested March 8. The 18-year-old is accused of driving the victim to Alas-Gomez’s home before sexually assaulting her during at least one group sex act. Mejia-Henriquez could also be heard “coaching” the other boys in a video police recovered depicting one of the incidents.

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  1. An easy fix for illegal immigration and excess legal immigration

    – Build a triple layer wall along the U.S./Mexico border with ground sensors to detect tunneling.
    – Require the mandatory national compliance with E-Verify.
    – Freeze all immigration into the U.S. until we get our house in order.
    – Revoke all visas and give each alien $5,000.00 to go home.
    – Give each “Illegal Alien” $10,000.00 to go home.
    – Give each “Permanent Resident Alien,” “Resident Alien Permit Holder,” and “Green Card Holder” $20,000.00 to go home.
    – Give each person in the U.S. with “dual citizenship” $40,000.00 to renounce their U.S citizenship and go home.
    – Suspend all Visa programs until the Biometric Exit Tracking system is complete and verified to be 98% accurate.
    – End the Diversity Visa lottery
    – End the Visa Waiver Program
    – End the Family Unification Program
    – End the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Program
    – End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

    Every year the U.S. bureau-rats give approximately 40 BILLION dollars in foreign aid to our enemies and $100 BILLION to subsidize illegal aliens and their dependents. Use that 140 BILLION dollars a year to the build and maintain the wall, protect, rebuild, and make America Great Again.

  2. I am outraged. 30 years in jail and then immediate deportation! And this “boy” should be tried as an adult and kept in an adult prison.

  3. I haven’t liked “Christians” since the sixties, when I first began to understand how it is with Christians that they will give away their nation, home, children, everything, just to think they might to get live forever with Jesus in heaven. Heaven, is the grave, quite the contradiction if you ask me. What today has shown me is that I was right to loathe these bunch of spineless, self centered, selfish and stupid people who call themselves Christians. What god could want such a spineless mass of shix, as are these Christians a mass of shix, around it anyway?
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    • I am a Christian who was born and lived in America all my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the COMMON SENSE God gave me. Of course the criminal illegals HAVE to get out of America. We also desperately need a wall. The biggest percentage of these illegals will never know right from wrong–their souls are dead.

      You must be a democrat, and Alinsky your mentor. He was a satanist too.

  4. He cannot grow up to be a productive member of society. He cannot be fixed. IF he ever gets out he will harm others. With that in mind, it seems wrong to ever allow him to harm someone again and it seems unreasonable that the public should support him. Time to set him free.

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