Illegal Aliens Busted With Four Kilos Of Cocaine

Illegal Aliens Busted With Four Kilos Of Cocaine

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WNCN) – Two Chapel Hill brothers are facing multiple drug trafficking charges following a traffic stop conducted Tuesday morning in Hillsborough, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The traffic stop, which was conducted at the intersection of Highway 70A and Lawrence Road, was part of an active narcotics investigation involving the two men in the truck that was stopped.

Manuel Sanchez Tadeo, 24, of Old Pineview Road, and Omar Sanchez Tadeo, 27, of Old Greensboro Highway, were arrested after the traffic stop resulted in the discovery of four kilograms of cocaine inside their truck.

Both men were arrested and are facing two counts of trafficking cocaine each.

They are both being held in the Orange County Detention Center under $500,000 secured bonds.

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  1. The only reason they have four kilos of cocaine here in the USA is because American citizens are buying it – let’s boycott drugs, America!

  2. In this list isn’t included two more crime . A criminal illegal aliens kill a American citizens in Alabama. Today

  3. Machete wielding criminal illegal aliens tried to kidnap a 2 year old in Walmart and the lady died he kill her. Also this happened a couple a day ago.

  4. Give them a real treat. Make them snort the coke and put them in a round room with no Windows and leave the light on

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