Illegal Alien Sex-Traffickers Forced Woman To Have Sex More Than 120 Times A Week

Illegal Alien Sex-Traffickers Forced Woman To Have Sex More Than 120 Times A Week

LAKE WORTH, FL (WPEC) – Investigators busted a human trafficking ring spanning across two South Florida counties.

Now three men are in jail accused of forcing women to have sex with dozens of men a day.

We found out at least six women from different counties were sex trafficked out of several brothels.

Out of the four brothels police uncovered in Martin and Palm Beach Counties three are located in unincorporated Lake Worth.

One on Davis and Lake Worth roads, another near 10th & Congress Avenues and a trailer park near Military Trial and Lake Worth road.

The seven-month investigation started after a victim, who ended up pregnant, told detectives accused sex trafficker Miguel Maradiaga forced her to have sex with about 120 men a week inside a trailer.

She said they would then transport her to the other locations.

According to the victim, the other two men facing charges Joel Chilel and Byron Estrada worked as doorman at the brothels.

“A lot of times the trafficker especially for women who are being brought from other countries the trafficker has connections there and they’ll go you testify against your little sister will disappear,” said human trafficking advocate Becky Dymond.

Dymond said healing the emotional and physically scars of sex trafficking takes years of treatment and recovery.

“For the gals who are being rescued it’s like a while process this is the start of a huge process of dealing with the trauma,” Dymond said.

We found out the youngest victim in her early 20s is from Puerto Rico.

The other women are from Costa Rica, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.


4 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Sex-Traffickers Forced Woman To Have Sex More Than 120 Times A Week”

  1. These three men who were arrested for sex trafficking deserve to be either locked up in a maximum security prison in Florida – or, better yet – sent to Gitmo to spend their lives (I’d say, Gitmo would be a more deserving place wherein to spend the rest of their lives, separated from each other).

  2. i’m pretty sure that the cost of 3 bullets is a lot less than the cost of their’ brief incarceration followed by deportation and subsequent illegal re-entry back into the US to renew their’ crimes will be.

  3. If given a trial and proven guilty by a jury, there should be a quick execution. Get these inhumane monsters off the planet.

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