Illegal Alien Raped Woman On Her Front Porch

Illegal Alien Raped Woman On Her Front Porch

SEMMES, AL (WPMI) – Investigators say a suspected undocumented immigrant raped a woman he lived near in Semmes Tuesday.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says the victim’s 12-year-old son walked in on the rape and chased the suspect away.

Felix Briones, 46, was later found in nearby woods. He is charged with first-degree rape.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed a hold on him at the jail.

Investigators say Briones lives two doors down from the victim and approached her Tuesday while she was sitting on her front steps.

Investigators say Briones started touching her inappropriately and when she tried to get up and leave, he forced her into the home and raped her.

6 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Raped Woman On Her Front Porch”

  1. It doesn’t matter what we think ! We have no say in it! The liberals wanna keep letting them walk across our borders freely and commit these disgusting crimes so be it. I wonder what they’d do if someone really close to them was attacked??????

  2. The more reasons Americans oppose Open Borders and why sanctuary city officials should be held accountible and liable for all crimes commited by illegal aliens and all those who want to abolish ICE need to Leave America Now

  3. The ONLY way to stop all this violence against our children and women and old folks is START putting LEAD in their HEAD and when they find out they DIE when they do their immoral acts it will stop, and if they don’t put a SOS (Shoot On Sight) out on the BASTARDS! Our Families MUST be SAFE at ALL cost! These judges must be getting kickbacks from the prison system? Semper Fi.

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