Illegal Alien Raped Woman In Florida Park

Illegal Alien Raped Woman In Florida Park

DAVIE, FL (CBS Miami) – New technology helped Davie police crack a seven-year-old sexual battery cold case.

Hugo Giron-Polanco, 38, was taken into custody Thursday after detectives compared a voluntary DNA sample to one taken from the victim when the attack happened.

Police say she was walking in the west end of Robbins Park when a man jumped out, grabbed her, and pulled her shirt over her head in November 2010. The woman said when she struggled to break free, the man repeatedly punched her in the head as he dragged her down a path. She said she was able to see him holding a screwdriver pointed at her abdomen.

She said at one point he threw her down on the ground and removed her pants, and underwear, and sexually battered her.

At the time there was no DNA hit and Florida’s first “John Doe” warrant was filed.

The DNA was recently submitted to a private company for analysis that provided a sketch based on the sample’s profile. Detectives said that new technology led them to find their suspect.

“That information was given to detectives that canvassed the area. They located this individual that matched the analysis that was given to them. That individual consented to giving his DNA and that DNA came back as a match,” said Det. Mark Leone.

Police say Giron-Polanco is in the U.S. illegally. U.S. Border Patrol has placed him on a hold.

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