Illegal Alien Raped Woman, Defense Attorney Calls Victim a ‘Cougar’

Illegal Alien Raped Woman, Defense Attorney Calls Victim a ‘Cougar’

Trenton, N.J. – Last month, Mercer County Superior Court Judge Pedro Jimenez sentenced Humberto Gonzalez, 26, to 33 years in state prison for the abduction and rape of a 53-year-old woman in 2005.

On the night of May 22, 2005, Gonzalez grabbed the woman off of a Princeton bike path, dragged her to a nearby playground and raped her.

However, through an interpreter, the Guatemalan national claimed the victim initiated the brutal encounter.

“She started hugging me. Then she was kissing me, and I started kissing her back,” said Gonzalez.

In fact, his court-appointed defense attorney, Malaeika Montgomery, even went so far as to describe the victim as a “cougar,” looking for a young man the night she was raped.

The jury didn’t buy it and DNA evidence unquestionably linked the illegal alien to the crime.

The Trentonian reported:

The state DNA expert, Dolores Coniglio, testified earlier that the chances of her suspect victim DNA match being wrong was more than a quadrillion to one.

“That’s a one with 15 zeroes after it,” testified Coniglio, who also said the population of the entire world is about 7 billion.

Gonzalez has a lengthy criminal record in multiple states.

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He will not be eligible for parole until 2031.

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