Illegal Alien Raped 16-Year-Old Girl At Knifepoint In Maryland ‘Sanctuary County’

Illegal Alien Raped 16-Year-Old Girl At Knifepoint In Maryland ‘Sanctuary County’

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD (WJLA) – A father-of-ten crawled into bed with a 16-year-old girl while she slept, placed a knife against her neck and proceeded to rape her, Montgomery County Police allege in newly filed court documents.

Nelson Reyes-Medrano, 46, is charged with first-degree rape, sex abuse of a minor and first-degree assault, stemming from the alleged August 2018 attack.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says Reyes-Medrano is an undocumented immigrant.

The victim — now 17-years-old — was savoring her final days of summer break. During an afternoon nap, she recalled hearing Reyes-Medrano, a non-blood relative, enter the family’s Germantown apartment.

A short while later, the victim opened her eyes and saw the 5-feet-6-inches tall, 165-pound man straddling her and clenching a kitchen knife in his right hand. The victim froze.

“Take your clothes off,” Reyes-Medrano allegedly told the 16-year-old girl.

The victim continued to sit still in terror. That inaction prompted Reyes-Medrano to place the dull side of his knife against the victim’s neck, police allege.

“Last time I’m going to say it, take your clothes off,” Reyes-Medrano warned the girl.

Fearing for her life, the victim began to slowly remove her clothing, one article at a time. Her intent was to stall. Perhaps another relative would just so happen to enter the apartment, and in doing so, thwart the attack, she thought.

Yet, police say Reyes-Medrano grew impatient and once again placed the knife against the victim’s neck, this time applying the sharp side. He then ripped off the 16-year-old girl’s clothing. What is alleged to have happened next is too troubling to publish.

The victim would later tell detectives she was in physical pain during the entire assault, which only ended after Reyes-Medrano heard a strange noise outside of the apartment. He then reportedly got off the bed, put his clothes back on and left the home.

Police stress that the knife Reyes-Medrano used during the alleged rape did not come from the victim’s house. Instead, the 46-year-old brought the knife with him — a clear act of premeditation, police suggest.

According to ICE, Reyes-Medrano is a Salvadoran national living in the U.S. illegally. The federal law enforcement agency has lodged an immigration detainer against him.

During a bond review hearing in Montgomery County District Court, public defender Christopher Duffner noted that Reyes-Medrano has no prior criminal record on file and is a contributing member of society.

“I ask the court to consider imposing a reasonable bond in this case,” Duffner stated. “He would have no problem complying with a court order — enforced perhaps by electronic monitoring — to ensure he has no contact with [the victim].”

Speaking through a court-provided translator, Reyes-Medrano vowed to play by the rules should he be released on bond.

“I would suggest that if you could please grant me a small bond, I will obey any orders that you set for me,” the accused rapist remarked. “I will be willing to appear at court dates and I will be willing to obey.”

Citing the severity of the allegations and the pending ICE detainer, Judge Amy Bills ordered Reyes-Medrano to remain locked up while awaiting trial.

“The allegations are incredibly serious,” Judge Bills remarked. “The allegations are that a knife was brandished and a first-degree rape occurred.”

In the last month, Montgomery County authorities have arrested at least five undocumented immigrants for raping females in Germantown, Rockville and Silver Spring. One victim was 11-years-old at the time of her alleged repeated abuse.

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