Illegal Alien Prostituted Teen Wife, Subjecting Her To As Many As 30 Men A Night

Illegal Alien Prostituted Teen Wife, Subjecting Her To As Many As 30 Men A Night

The Daily Caller

A Mexican national who is in the United States illegally was sentenced in federal court Monday to 20 years in federal prison for sex trafficking of a minor.

Timoteo Reyes-Perez, 35, was first charged in 2008, but was a fugitive until 2015. He had to be extradited from Mexico to the United States. Reyes-Perez had married a 14 year old girl in Mexico and brought her across the border.

According to court documents, “[The girl] was 14 years old, and the defendant was 25 years old. The defendant showed interest in [the girl], which her father apparently sanctioned. In June 2007, with her father’s consent, the defendant married [the girl] in Mexico.”

“In October 2007, [the girl] and the defendant made the lengthy journey from Tlaxcala to Arizona, after being smuggled across the border near Nogales, Mexico by coyotes,” court documents stated.

He then transported her throughout the United States prostituting her at various brothels. Once she had 30 male customers in one night. She started being used in the brothels at 15, according to court documents. Men would pay $25 for 15 minute sessions with the teenage girl.

“I was not allowed to speak to my family much once we arrived in the United States, but I eventually learned that Reyes-Perez had transferred money to my father. I have come to believe that Reyes-Perez and my father had an arrangement before I married Reyes-Perez and that my father knew that Reyes-Perez was planning to traffic me,” the teen wife said in a statement.

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