Illegal Alien Left Man Facing Surgery After Horrific Beating

Illegal Alien Left Man Facing Surgery After Horrific Beating

JACKSONVILLE, NC (The Daily News) – A Jacksonville man is accused of causing such damage to another man’s face, he’ll need reconstructive surgery.

Johan Rivera-Hervert, 28, of Daisy Street in Jacksonville was arrested Friday by the Jacksonville Police Department and charged with felony assault inflicting serious bodily injury.

Rivera-Hervert is accused of damaging a man’s right orbital socket to the point that he’ll need reconstructive surgery, according to warrants.

Rivera-Hervert also allegedly left severe bruising to the man’s jaw and the right side of his face as well as broke his right eye socket and nose, according to warrants.

The alleged assault happened in the 300 block of Helen Street in Jacksonville, said the police department’s media liaison, Beth Purcell, and officers responded there Thursday after receiving a report of an assault.

Rivera-Hervert did not receive any injuries, Purcell said, and the alleged victim, whose age she did not have available by deadline, was given medical treatment on Helen Street.

Rivera-Hervert was picked up and arrested on Daisy Street, Purcell said.

At his first appearance Friday morning, Rivera-Hervert was assigned Trevor Avery as his attorney, according to court documents.

Bond was set at $20,000 and Rivera-Hervert has bonded out of jail, according to VineLink.

His next court date is scheduled for July 18.

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  2. WHY was the illegal allowed to bond out? He is going to disappear, and go hide elsewhere in America to continue his shenanigans!!

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