Illegal Alien Killed Man By Running Him Over…Twice!

Illegal Alien Killed Man By Running Him Over…Twice!

FORT WORTH, TX (The Daily Mail) – A woman has been charged with killing a man by running him over twice after an argument in a Texas bar.

Laura Rosas, 33, was arrested on Monday night for allegedly murdering Emmanuel Ramirez, 30, OK Corral, a Latin nightclub in Fort Worth, Texas.

She is accused of running him over twice in the parking lot in the early hours of Monday morning after an argument inside the club.

It is unclear how they knew each other or what they were fighting about.

Another woman who was allegedly in the car with her is yet to be named or charged.

Rosas is also being held on an ICE detainer but details of her immigration status are not known.

Police in Fort Worth say she and the other woman were in their car outside the nightclub when they saw Ramirez walk outside.

It is unclear if they had been lying in wait for him.

Rosas allegedly started driving towards him and knocked him over. She then ran him over for a second time before fleeing the scene.

Emergency services were called to the parking lot at around 2:30am to treat the man but he was pronounced dead.

Rosas was arrested on Monday night. She is being held on a single murder charge at the Tarrant County Jail.

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