Illegal Alien Kidnapped, Raped Teenager In North Carolina

Illegal Alien Kidnapped, Raped Teenager In North Carolina

SANFORD, NC (The Times-News) – A Canadian man was charged with five felonies after abducting a Sanford teen on Wednesday, according to the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office.

John Douglas Maggrah, 32, of 228 25th St. W., Prince Albert, Saskatchawan, Canada, was charged with felony abduction of a child, felony statutory rape, felony statutory sex offense, felony first-degree kidnapping and felony indecent liberties with a child on Thursday.

“I know the charges look and sound terrible,” HCSO Maj. Jeff Huber said of the incident. “But it was consensual on the victim’s part.”

Huber said Maggrah and the victim met online and had known one another since the victim was 15.

“The statutory stuff goes back to when the [victim] was 15,” Huber said. “And they’re still under 18.”

According to Huber, the victim’s parents reported the victim had been abducted, and Maggrah was arrested in Sanford.

“The abduction,” he said, “that’s just because of the age. It was all consensual.”

In North Carolina, the age of consent is 16 years old, and a rule exists that allows individuals 16 years of age or older to have sexual relations with individuals no more than four years younger than them as long as the individual is at least 13 years old.

Huber added that while a citizen of Canada, Maggrah maintains a home in Harnett County.

“I don’t know how often he lived there and lived here,” Huber said, “but he did have a place here.”

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  1. Kids willingly take drugs too, because they don’t fully realize how much harm it does, so we should just stop arresting drug dealers, make excuses for the damn criminal predators! He should be fired from the SO immediately.

  2. The laws in NC need to be changed! No wonder so many moslems are flocking here – they can readily sell their young girls into marriages to old men and nothing would be done about it. The sick twisted 32 yr old pervert had no business grooming the teen! If the state refuses to deal with him the parents should!!

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