Illegal Alien Granted ‘Temporary Protected Status’ Murdered Man In Pennsylvania

Illegal Alien Granted ‘Temporary Protected Status’ Murdered Man In Pennsylvania

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA (Lancaster Online) – A Lancaster County judge Wednesday scolded Jose Ferrufino for a “total lack of remorse” before imposing a life sentence plus 15 to 35 years for the murder of a Providence Township man he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

A Lancaster County jury last month found Ferrufino, 50, guilty of killing 35-year-old Hugo Garcia-Hernandez on March 22, 2017, rejecting his claim of innocence.

Garcia-Hernandez, of 124 Pennsy Road, died from a single shot to the heart after Ferrufino and two other men broke down his bedroom door before 2 in the morning and attempted to bind him with zip ties, according to trial testimony.

Ferrufino, a fencing contractor formerly of Manheim Township, testified he was asleep when the killing happened.

Judge David Ashworth at the sentencing said a letter he received from Ferrufino that reasserted his innocence and blamed others shows a “total lack of remorse” and “arrogance.”

Ashworth called the point-blank shooting a premeditated assassination.

“You felt you had the right to do what you did,” said Ashworth as Ferrufino, in green prison garb, stood before him. “Mr. Ferrufino, this is a nation of laws. This is not a nation of who can get away with whatever they can get away with.”

U.S. Border Patrol officers caught Ferrufino, a native of El Salvador, trying to enter illegally near Rio Grande City, Texas, in February 2003. Three years later, an immigration judge canceled Ferrufino’s deportation, allowing him to lawfully remain in the United States, according to immigration officials.

Ferrufino declined to say anything at the half-hour proceeding.

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