Illegal Alien Gang Members Repeatedly Raped 14-Year-Old Girl, Disfigured Her

Illegal Alien Gang Members Repeatedly Raped 14-Year-Old Girl, Disfigured Her

HOUSTON, TX (The Daily Mail) – Two illegal immigrant gang members from El Salvador who had a Satanic shrine in their Houston apartment are suspects in the killing of one teenager and the kidnapping of another, authorities said.

Gang leader Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, 22, who also goes by ‘Diabolico,’ and 18-year-old Diego Alexan Hernandez-Rivera appeared in Houston court Wednesday on charges of aggravated kidnapping and murder.

The MS-13 gang members laughed, smiled and waved in court.

Prosecutors said the two kidnapped a 14-year-old girl after she left school around February 2, holding her in an apartment where she was raped by a gang member.

After four days, the girl said she was taken to a different apartment where six gang members lived, and Flores kept a makeshift Satanic shrine.

Authorities say she was held against her will there for two weeks, given drugs and alcohol to keep her disoriented, and sexually assaulted by some of the men.

She also said she was held down while Flores tattooed a giant grim reaper from her knee to her foot, the Houston Chronicle reported.

She told investigators that a second girl she only knew as ‘Genesis’ also was held at the apartment.


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    MS-13 IS NOW 96 OUTTA HERE!!
    You are not welcome after you’re 50 yr sentence upon which you both will be deported. By then there will be no more illegals in our country. Swept clean.

  2. There are a few governors and quite a few mayors around the country who are harboring animals like these in their sanctuary cities, and now, states. I think it’s time to start arresting these perpetrators as well.

  3. Because it already happened, wish it to be against an illegal alien supporter, libturds, socialist, democraps zombie family so they and their affiliates will be first hand educated regarding these animals. Then again they’ll make excuses for them at the expense of their loved one in the name of she compassion

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