Illegal Alien Drug Dealers Caught With 12 Pounds Of Meth

Illegal Alien Drug Dealers Caught With 12 Pounds Of Meth

RALEIGH, NC (The News & Observer) – Wake County sheriff’s deputies have arrested two men on methamphetamine trafficking charges that officials said involved more than 12 pounds of the drug at an apartment in Raleigh.

Arrest warrants also charged that Elvis Jose Fabre-Ovalle and Ygnacio Ynoa-Ramos had sold meth to an undercover agent twice last month.

Fabre-Ovalle, 24, and Ynoa-Ramos, 49, were each held on more than $7.8 million bail after their arrests Friday and were due to make court appearances Monday.

Both men live in a rental house at 4712 Silverdene St. in northeast Raleigh, a little over a mile from the apartment, records show.

The arrests came less than two weeks after deputies arrested three people on meth-manufacturing charges following a traffic stop on Interstate 440 in southeast Raleigh.

Trafficking charges based on a Nov. 21 transaction were made as four counts for each man – one each that said each man sold the drug and delivered it to the undercover agent and one each that said each man possessed it and transported it.

That day, arrest warrants say, 512 grams (about 1.1 pounds) of methamphetamine charged hands.

The agent’s first transaction involved only 27.5 grams, or just under an ounce, the charges state.

Fabre-Ovalle and Ynoa-Ramos were both accused of felonies that said they maintained the house they lived in and the apartment as places to keep and sell drugs.

Fabre-Ovalle also was charged with using a blue, 2006 BMW to keep and sell drugs.

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