Illegal Alien Child Molester In Custody After Two Years On The Run

Illegal Alien Child Molester In Custody After Two Years On The Run

REDMOND, OR (The Bulletin) – A Redmond man wanted on child sex abuse charges was recently booked in Deschutes County Jail after fleeing to Canada and Mexico.

An arrest warrant was issued in October 2017 for Ezekiel Sandoval Garcia, 45, who had cut off his GPS ankle monitor and fled the country to avoid an upcoming trial, according to Redmond Police.

Last fall, the Canada Border Services Agency contacted Redmond Police with information about Sandoval Garcia. He flew from Mexico to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and entered the country using a fake name and passport, according to Canada Border Services Agency.

An investigation by Canadian officials revealed Sandoval Garcia’s true name and wanted status in Oregon.

Sandoval Garcia was arrested by Canadian officials and was held in custody pending a contested extradition hearing, which was scheduled in May.

For unknown reasons, Sandoval Garcia abandoned his contested extradition hearing in Canada and agreed to be extradited to Oregon, according to Canadian officials.

Sandoval Garcia has a court hearing in Deschutes County Circuit Court later this month.

He was originally arrested by Redmond detectives in March 2015. He was indicted on charges of first-degree sex abuse and first-degree unlawful sexual penetration.

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